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Grand Rebirth of Warriors | GROW
Enter a new land, where another chapter of Starclan fills the skies. Are you a Rogue, a Kittypet, a Loner? Or, perhaps, being lonely and/or living right with Twolegs doesn’t suit your tastes. You may

Rank Site In Out
1 MMORPG warofhell game
1978 2686

MMORPG free online game warofhell.com
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

2 Yavania
1127 3395

We are a magical animal roleplay, with over 15 free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form clan creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
3 Animus
1013 4159
Animus is a semi-realistic elemental wolf roleplay that is very player focused and freeform. Pack creation has no gender or age based rules, and elemental affiliation is not determined by pack! We're
4 Closed
987 4181
5 Shattered Alley
842 2740

Our story began with a great wind. We have now picked up the pieces of our shattered lives. The rest is up to you.
6 Sverige
772 4067

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have a
7 Vive RPG
561 1632

We are a unique roleplay focusing on creativity and imagination. Start with one of our three basic species, and customise them to your heart's content by earning points through roleplay.
8 The Execution Pack Reborn
346 949
Semi-realistic || Drama free || Plot based || Accepting both members & Allies || Wolf pack
9 Aeon
268 3655

Fantasy becomes reality in this intermediate to advanced fantasy horse role-play were seeing really is believing.
10 Sinister Chaos
248 1497

Chaos split the earth, the elements rise, and death leads the way. Will you take the chance to let the elements and death rule you?
11 Red in tooth and claw: Tokyo Jungle
200 399

In the ruins of mankind's civilization, once-pampered pets have been left to fend for themselves amongst the wilder forces of nature.
12 Serenity River Pack
192 1976

A down-to-earth pack, which aims to be a fun place to hang out! We're an active literate RP, and work to include each of our members.
13 Awake the Stars
185 438

Welcome to Starless Islet! The island where no stars shine. In an original bird rp, you must find a way to Awake the Stars.
14 Present Darkness
173 947

Present Darkness is a fun,friendly, and active multi-species RP. All levels, 75 word min, staff and royalty positions open, includes extensive store, and an open plot with smaller sub-plots
15 Vanish at the World
167 251

VATW is a semi-realistic, sci-fi, multi-species wolf roleplay with the thirst for adventure and new members! We are fairly new and hope to expand our community over time, and we welcome you!
16 Forbidden Time
153 2135

In the year of 2467 Earth is being destroyed and a new planet has been discovered. Will you make it? All animal/human rpg. Semi-realistic
17 Forgotten Purrs
152 1147

Forgotten Purrs is a new literate tradional Warriors cats roleplay forum. We require at least 100 words per roleplay post to ensure a quality RP.
18 Memento Mori
143 1179

The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die.
19 Run Like The Wind v.5; Sanctity
143 2044

RLTW one of the first Dark vs. Light equine RPGs, and is still one of the best. We have been open for seven years straight with no signs of slowing down!
20 Halcyon
126 1356

HALCYON is a new, flourishing roleplay that stays with tradition, while also giving members a new taste of mystery and danger! The Clans have moved to a new home, but it's not without its own secret.
21 WildWhispers v2
117 1276

WildWhispers is a semi-realistic, literate equine roleplay with friendly staff. Play as either a Tribe horse, loner, or even a canon character. We have an easy minimum word count of 100.
Come join us!
22 eien
113 816

Brave the lands of Eien, a fantasy-based intermediate/advanced RP featuring player or site-held events emphasizing creativity. Newly opened; building a creative community! Very active and tentative st
23 Ascension
96 2147

Ascension is an all-level Magical Wolf roleplay. Collect elemental powers as you discover them and level up your character through accumulation of XP and quests! Visit us to learn more!
24 Amazing Bible Blog
96 203

Insightful information as it pertains to Bible prophecy.
Forget the Mayan calendar
and get the TRUTH!
25 Midnight Whispers
94 1281

Midnight Whispers is a pack located on the abandoned land of Barcelona. The land is full of magic and things for the pack to discover. Will you join in the search?
26 Risking it All
90 783
A member-driven feral dog RPG that is very active and set in Cascaro, Maine. Come join the fun!
27 Shadows on the Island
89 485
Multi specie from domesticated animals to wild ones and humans too; all trapped on an island cloaked in the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle
28 Taigan
88 1304
Taigan is an all-level, liquid time, semi-realistic feline vs. canine site. There is no posting requirement or word count here and we openly embrace everyone from the short posters to the mini-novelis
82 955
new | stunning | multi - animal | fantasy | dark | join us
30 Pawsteps Past
82 49
Pawsteps Past is a literate RP. This Warrior Cat's RP is set in the old forest territory before SkyClan left. We welcome all levels of roleplayers, and we have no word count.
31 Blight
77 543
A member-driven site about dogs with powers facing up against dogs without. prejudice and hatred runs wild!
32 Warsong
75 768
Warsong is a fantasy level and statbased animal game with support for solo-play. Play wolves, felines, dolphins. Become a Merwolf.
33 A Shattered World
73 313
Dogs have lived peacefully with their owners. But when humans are killed off, they are exposed to the hungry wild animals such as wolves and coyotes that are moving in to take over. Who will win?
34 Uccello River Pack
73 257
Uccello is a pack unlike any other. Where you're free to roam the many lands, you also will notice there is a hint of darkness awaiting to be seen.
35 Rocket Dog
71 342
Decode: Vroyh Pbvwhulhv, Srvw-Dsrfdobsvh, Sorwv dqg vxesorwv hqfrxudjhg, hqirufhv vrolg fkdudfwhu shuvrqdolwlhv, uhdolvwlf fdqlqh jhqhwlfv, vfl-il wrqhv.
36 Atrox
68 9
We are a free-form, semi-realistic cave lion RPG set during the diverse Pleistocene epoch. Join us to experience breath taking scenery and awe-inspiring giants like mammoths and cave bears!
37 Mahiri
67 65
A semi-realistic lion rpg with no word count, no activity checks, and a focus on member driven plots.
38 Redemption
66 242
Come run with hellions and the rebellious children of Redemption.
39 Creation from Chaos
52 139
Fantasy wolf RPG
40 Artena
51 58
Artena offers 16 free to play species with a warm community. We are open to all and hope to see YOU among our ranks!
41 No One to Say Goodbye
47 728
Realistic Stray Cat Intermediate to Advanced RP. Domestic cats characters, and wild-cats are offered as prizes.
42 Shattered Streets
47 237
A realistic dog roleplay site where you can play as a stray dog or a pet.
43 Silver Moon Pack
46 565
Silver moon is a semi-realistic wolf rpg with friendly atmosphere and active members. We accept beginner-advanced. Come check us out!
44 The Packs Fates
42 134
The human race is dead, a virus swept through the forest killing them all or it is thought to be. Many of the prey died along with many creatures. The wolves on the hand stood strong and survived the
45 Mythical Fantasies
42 619
One thousand years ago, a waterborne disease was released into the wild. It changed the course of history entirely. Mythical fantasies is a fantasy RP site, and welcome all levels of players.
46 Like Toy Soldiers
41 21
We are a literate, fantasy animal rp that focuses on member driver plots. Play as any animal that you want in this world!
47 Foxtail Stables
41 521
A new and growing active horse stable RPG. Great members and staff. Come and join us!
48 Firefly Fields
38 136
Beginner to advanced rpg featuring a small town, stables, a boarding school, wild horses, as well as various other animals.
49 The Corazon Pack
37 107
The corazon has two packs. One good, one evil. The evil is planning on over throwing the good. But one rises out of the dust. Who will survive? Who will win?
50 Something Catchy
36 791
An all animal roleplaying and general discussion site. All levels accepted! Friendly staff and amazing members. ^^
51 Chance RP
35 353
A liquid time, play-by-post fantasy wolf role-play with friendly staff and pack positions open. We have a lottery every month, as well as OTM awards!
So come by and have a look ;)
52 Dog Days | A Mature British Animal RPG
34 452
active members | 18+ | nearly no limits
We are a multi-species rpg based loosely around mating. We have friendly members so come on in!
53 Mercy V.2
34 247
A fun and welcoming place to RP looking for new members! We are semi-lit to literate, new, and ACTIVE! Our community is growing fast, and we would love for you to join us!
54 In Dire Straits
32 571
In Dire Straits is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age.
55 The Carnival Pack
32 208
A pack with an apocalyptic carnival theme. The choice is yours on what path you take.
56 Ismara
32 183
A brand-new sem-realistic equine and non-equine rpg looking for members!
57 Deceased Souls Herd
31 423
Deceased Souls is a wild horse roleplay based on the herds of today, at first we fight against natural predators. As we grow will we be able to fight off the humans? Come join and check for yourself
58 Heroes and Legends Pack
31 196
Heroes and Legends pack is a fairly new, semi-fantasy wolf roleplay that is always accepting new members.
59 Broken v2
30 165
Broken v2 is a warrior cats RP. We welcome all levels from beginners to experienced RP-ers. We have no word count, but we encourage members to try and reach their full potential.
60 Cavallo
29 466
Cavallo is a brand NEW wild horse rpg that is open to all levels. We have many unique aspects as well as a catchy plot line that will keep everyone on their toes. Come See For Yourself Now!
61 Kismet
29 124
Welcome to Kismet, an active semi-realistic canidae roleplay. Active, friendly and member oriented. Rated PG-13 with a 200 word limit.
62 Fragments,
27 32
Fragments is a warrior cats roleplay with a twist. With three clans and the opportunity to play a loner, kittypet, or a cat from a group called the Empire, what's not to love?
63 Clans Of The Sky
27 302
This is a realistic warrior roleplaying site with active users and fun plot lines. Featuring these four clans, Hawkclan, Eagleclan, Vultureclan, and Owlclan. We are in need of mods and members so come
64 Kingdom of Argos
26 256
We are a Medieval based lion rpg.
65 Folk Songs
25 400
Folk Songs is a literate house and feral feline roleplay.
66 Beautiful Creatures
25 213
We all have our beauty, we just show it in different ways. War is going on between the animal kingdoms, some fighting for land and food, others for gold and much more. We are new and growing, active a
67 The Banishing Winds
25 404
Originally created in 2009, and closed three years later. The Banishing Winds is finally back and looking to make a comeback in the world of semi-realistic Wolf role-playing sites. We are open to all!
68 Gray Skies
25 208
We are a fantasy roleplay based off of sickness, mutation, and mating. We have some work to do but are taking suggestions to make are site better and I am looking for a Moderator. Come and role play a
69 F l y i n g
25 552
Flyingis new literate, fantasy all animal RPG. Accepting with open arms. Come join us and have fun!
70 Imporia: Opus Dei
24 130
Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ Quad/bipedal AU werewolf role-play like never before. For many years there was peace between packs, but the tides are changing!
71 Broken Reality
23 207
The Inferno pack, a pack of bad wolves, and the Locus Pack, a pack of good wolves, rule the lands. Which side will you join? [Semi-Fantasy | Active | High positions available]
72 Psuche Petros
22 116
A big cat and canine rp, Psuche Petros (which means "soul stones) is a semi fantasy site with multiple special powers available per character. Canon characters are also available.
73 Natural Life
20 160
An animal shape-shifting roleplay site located in the fictional town of Northwood, Montana. The struggle between shifters and chasers is a never ending battle.
74 Era Of The Forsaken Fates
20 186
You have many choices in the world, but for us, fate chooses your path. You have only two true choices, Angel or Demon. So, what's your fate?
|active| fantasy|13+|any level of roleplaying|
75 Ravensvair
20 188
A simple, all-level wolf rpg set on an island. Not unlike the Western coast of Canada, but in a world where humans never existed. Here, they survive against the elements, natural competition and each
76 Grand Rebirth of Warriors | GROW
19 87
Enter a new land, where another chapter of Starclan fills the skies. Are you a Rogue, a Kittypet, a Loner? Or, perhaps, being lonely and/or living right with Twolegs doesn’t suit your tastes. You may
77 Glass Wire Kites
17 155
The Great Plague killed off everything. The world was empty. Then the wolves rose up from the shadows. One god, one devil. Free-reign, post-apoc, realistic to fantasy wolf RPG!
78 Werifesteria
17 108
Werifesteria is a fantasy warrior cat rp! There is a mutation spreading around causing cats who drink from the infested water to possibly grow a mutation, earth, fire, wind, water, and spirit, however
79 Shelter
17 144
Seasons change and each new season brings new challenges. Will you survive, raise offspring to create a new generation?
80 Silver Moon Pack V.2
16 208
Driven out of their home, the pack of Silver Moon has been thrust into an unfamiliar world, filled with unknown dangers. As heartbreak and chaos are thrown into their life, the pack must fight for wha
81 Seasonal Trackers Pack
16 363
We are a pack of wolves but we also allow loner wolves in the RP. The forum also have another types of RP non-related with wolves! Come to have fun on our activities or participate on our contests!
82 Aramoore
16 72
Aramoore is a continent inhabited my many different breeds of dragons. No humans can survive here, but the animal population flourishes.
83 Requiem Dream
15 129
When you have the ability to manifest the realms, control an element, and all the while love like no other, will you take that chance?
84 Endless Fantasies
15 186
Literate Fantasy RPG Forum: Join in on the fun with the choice of playing either a HUMAN, ANTHRO, FERAL, or SHAPE-SHIFTER.
85 breathless
14 64
come join us in a world where canines have become the ruling species after humans destroyed themselves by using up natural resources.
86 canine concept
13 23
a brand new post apocalyptic canine rpg
87 Animal Warriors Universe
13 342
This RP is like Pokemon, except it is more realistic, with animals. We allow any form of writing, from beginners to advanced.
88 marry the night
13 207
89 Kenitic
13 178
The voices of the past beg the leaders of now to make peace, but will you listen? Or continue fighting for your own gain? The choice is up to you. With 3 different species all thrown together, things
90 Hit The Lights
12 110
Maddox Creek has been shut down. Everyone and Everything is gone, frozen in time... Except the dogs. Based after WWI

Semi-Literate | 150+ Word Count | Multi-Canine Species (Wolves, Dogs, Foxes, etc.)
91 Blacktalon: The Guild of Merry Mongrels
12 435
Are you looking for adventure? A pack that's always on the move? Tales of chivalry and derring-do? Then the Guild of Merry Mongrels is the place for you!
92 Avatrai
12 200
It began in 2006 and has lasted to today. Avatrai, a Wild Horse Rpg featuring Light, Dark, Wanderers, Islanders, Rebels and Undead. Which path will you choose?
93 All Damned
12 243
All Damned is an PG-13 realistic animal RPG. Our replies will have a minimum of 200 words per IC RP. We encourage that you go above that amount! Welcome to the city of Hell.
94 Hyleon
12 180
We're finishing up development on the site, now, but we're accepting members and posts! A wolf RPG with a focus on writing, not graphics, and creativity. No word count, simple application!
95 DarkMore
11 211
A semi-realist wolf/dog rp. A clam before a storm! Thundering paws upon earth, danger around every corner! War is brewing in this land! Will you stand and fight for what you believe in?
96 Cross the Finish Line
11 141
A unique, semi - realistic horse racing RPG!
97 Kormada
11 6
Kormada is a wild horse roleplay taking place on a planet far from Earth. Join in on the chaos of a world created by the half-crazed wyvern, Kestrel, and choose a side--help him, or destroy him.
98 The Stars Above Us
11 200
TSAU is a warrior cat rpg site where includes many plots and kind staff members. While the two clans struggle to survive, one lurks in the darkness to kill. Will you join one of them?
99 My Spirit is Free
11 186
We are a novice through advanced role play site with a post length minimum of 3 sentences. The role play takes place in a land called Serig where many domesticated canines and felines escape from thei
100 Destiny's Faith
10 140
Destiny's Faith is a new site with fun active members and staff. We are PG 13 but do accept 12 year olds. Follow your destiny as a lion or wolf joining one of the prides or tribes or maybe as a loner.

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